Eduardo Fierro SVC - SDC


Started his love affair with images at the age of 12, when his mother gave him a camera for christmas  and started shooting stills in his native Venezuela. His father, whom had been a stuntman in Spaghetti Westerns in the late 60‘s, instilled in him an appreciation for film and encouraged his passion, giving him an early start in understanding the many aspects of the filmmaking process.


After graduating from High School, he attended the Macrisca Film School in Caracas and then moved to the U.S in 97-98, where he attended Full Sail University. At the same time, he began cutting his teeth as a Steadicam operator in the then booming Latin music video and commercial industry in Miami.


Having established himself as one of the busiest operators in Florida, he attended the Sundance Summer Labs from 2005 to 2007 as a D.P. Steadicam operator. During the time, he also kept busy as a professional photographer for advertising campaigns for national and regional campaigns in places like Mexico, Venezuela and Dominican Rep.


It was during this period, when Eduardo earned a living splitting his talent between photographing still mages and operating a camera mounted on his body, that he developed his style, which often combines beautiful, intimate esthetics with graceful movement.


Since then, Eduardo Fierro has been the cinematographer on seven independent films, countless music videos, as well as promotional campaigns, short films and commercial spots in places like South Africa and Portugal, Mexico, Dominican Republic, many of which have earned him nominations and awards ranging from the Promax, Addys, Emmys, Tellys,  2013 ECA, accredited by the Sociedad Venezolana de Cinematografía SVC and now the Sociedad Dominicana de Cinematografía.

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Cinematographer / Photographer